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Monday, April 20, 2009

Shopping on Saturday Part 2

Then we went to that silly store called Smiggle (is that right? I never go shopping!) and bought a cutesy clock!!!

I realllly wanted Camera Obscura's new CD My Maudlin Career but it has encountered delays arriving in Australia & will wait for Abicus Rising to get it into stock (hopefully later this week!)

Shopping on Saturday Part 1

So. Had a well deserved day off on Saturday after a mega-productive Easter long weekend!
We went shopping!
We bought the Meet Me At Mike's Book - because we could & because anyone as motivated as Pip Lincolne deserves encouragement & appreciation!
Just reading her Tweets & Blogs exhausts the Blackbirds!!!
Hope she doesn't mind that I scanned in it's cover so you'll recognise it in the stores & maybe buy one too!!!!!

What are you waiting for? Xmas?
Actually it would make a great gift for crafting beginners!!!!

Thursday, April 16, 2009


Here are the latest items we've popped into stock this week after
our uber-productive Easter weekend!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

This is a photo of our purrfect niece Annabelle Daisy!! Isn't she just beautiful!!

Sean from Anorak Designs designed our new Flyers and they are postcards!!! Clever clogs he is!!!!

Well, I don't know what you got up to on the Easter long weekend but we had a HUGE To Do List & managed to do everything on it!!!! We spring cleaned; reorganised the shop (to fit in the new range of scarves in from Canada); ordered a trillion LOMO cameras (they'll arrive Mid-May); sewed new Wayward Girl birdie ALines; printed new "Swapmeet" tees & bags for Anorak Designs; made more Anorak Designs badge sets; removed Easter from our stock and generally did everything except make SCONES!

(I really wanted to make SCONES but time ran out!! Next "Holiday" I'll put them on the top of the list!)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Strolling about LOMO in hand

Here are a few shots Sean & I have taken this month with our LOMO Cameras....there are more on our myspace page

Sean took this one when we were walking up King Street.

This is the kind of thing Sean sees when we're strolling about. Hmmmmmmmm

Dandelions were my clocks when I was five. Seriously.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I am headed out to workroom now. No really I am.
Obviously I HAD to check my Myspace, Twitter, Hotmail & Yahoo Mail accounts before anything else could be done! And My Blog has been very neglected so just popping by to promise (myself really as I have few followers & all of them are busy bees) that my Blog will be getting more attention when I have a moment!!!! I made a bag when I was very cross yesterday afternoon and it bizarrely turned out to be a quite sweet & feminine specimen!!! I am in a very lazy daisy frame of mind this afternoon after 5 hours slogging away at my "Pay the Bills" job so who knows what I'll create today!!??
I MUST log off & GO OUTSIDE NOW!!!!