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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I love my little house.....

my neighbours caught me taking these photos out the front of my house the other day.
after 6 years they're used to me. they just paused, looked then walked on.
We are in the throes of selling our lovely home.
Well, it is officially on "the market" - the sign is going up Friday morning & then it'll be officially official.
I really do love our house.
It has pressed tin ceilings & wooden floor boards; the walls are mostly lining boards & it has a little, freestanding "studio with ensuite" in the back yard.
What's not to love?!
I hope that the person who buys it sometimes finds her/himself sitting in the lounge room just looking about at it's loveliness.
I do that still.
The back yard is just the right balance between neat and nature.
I have put an old terracotta pipe along the side fence for the frogs to live in & they sing us beautiful tunes at night time. There's also an old tin pail that I keep topped up with fresh water for all of the native birds to come bathe & splash in. Usually at around 3pm every day two wood doves perch on the side of the pail taking turns to take sips. Once they leave some other smaller natives line up on the paling fence & dive in for a quick bath, one at a time. They do this in a very orderly manner.
I hope the new owner always provides water for the birds even if in a different way. Maybe I should leave a note?
Is that crazy? Yes. I suppose it is.
There are three huge swamp oaks in the yard behind ours which the Rosellas & occasionally cockatoos love to visit several times a day too. I'm making it sound like a nature reserve but it's actually in a suburb that is only ten minutes walk to Newcastle's Centre.
The place we are hoping to buy & live in has wonderful features too. I'll tell you all about that when the time to move draws closer if you like.
I'm feeling more than a little nostalgic now.
I do love this house.


  1. Sounds like your new house will help ease the pain of leaving the lovely old house. You'll always have the memories xx