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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Well, it's that time of year again!
The time of year where independent small business owners try to not have complete breakdowns....hee hee well not really!
How much to order?
Will I have enough stock? 
Will I run out mid-December & have empty shelves?  
Or - worse still - order too much and not sell any of it? eeeeeeeeek!
Add in the fact that we predominately sell handmade - Have we made enough? There's no time to make more once the silly season gets into full swing that's for sure! We also can't email all of the lovely indy designers whose wares we stock & simply demand more instantly - many items take weeks to make then come...
So I guess, at Blackbird Corner especially at this time of year,  if you see something you want it's best to grab it because it may not be there next time. So much in here is limited run or one of a kind. I think that'd have to be the most common complaint (if you can call it that)
"oh no you've sold it!"
Fingers crossed I say!
PS We are open every day until Christmas now, including Mondays 11am - 4pm (at least) & until 6pm Thursdays. 
PPS Darby Street is full of gorgeous, independently owned shops that stock a huge array of items suitable for Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. Seriously, you could start at one end and by the other end be throwing out the completed list.

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