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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Made by Me.

Who are you & why is your range called what it is called?
I'm Brodie and I'm the fabric addict behind "madebyme" . I decided on this name minutes before the deadline of submitting my application to my first market in 2010, and it stuck! And I'm still here (and still adding to my fabric collection! Somehow the pile never gets smaller!) 

Where are you located?
I'm currently living on the Central Coast but I grew up in Hunter Valley and Newcastle.
How long have you been creating your lush wares?
I've been making things all my life! But after an accident at the end of 2009, I decided life was too short to make excuses and I booked my first market in mid 2010. I love creating, it's very soothing for the soul. 
Do you currently have a favourite item in your range?
My current favourite item is the chai heat/cool packs. I am completely addicted to cinnamon at the moment!! 

What motivates you to keep crafting/creating?
I love creating - as I said I find it soothing. I just wish I could clone myself so I could make more! And more often! ( and then buy more fabric!!) 
Are you someone who generally tends to buy Handmade over 
mass produced? Why?
I love buying handmade and supporting the handmade community.  My kids have a wonderful array of clothes from a stack of super talented people! 
Do you have any new items in the pipe works that you'd like to hint to us about?
I'm working on some more scented products in the coming months and some more kids clothing. 

Do you also sell online? 
Would you like for me to link to your store for those poor people not able to get into Blackbird?
I am found on Facebook and I'm getting set up on etsy and have a website in the pipeline which will hopefully be ready in a couple of months.

We are excited to be Newcastle's exclusive stockists of Made by Me. Brodie's creations can also be found at The Bower Bird Project at Long Jetty NSW.

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