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Friday, January 11, 2013

The Tiny Little Girl

Who are you & why is your range called what it is called?
My name is Beth, I’m a soon to be 32 year old woman who refuses to grow up. My range is called The Tiny Little Girl as I feel like even though I’m getting older I’ll always be a fun loving little girl (in my head at least!)
Where are you located?
In sunny (much to my sun-hating pain) Perth, WA

How long have you been creating your lush wares?
I’ve been sewing for a long time but only got back into it in a more serious capacity mid last year.

Do you currently have a favourite item in your range?
I’ve always been really fond of my sugar skulls. I call them Skully’s. They’re super fun to make and each one has such a unique look. Plus, who doesn’t love a moustache?

What motivates you to keep crafting / creating?
Positive feedback from people seeing my work as well as the thrill of creating something new each time I pick up my needle and thread. Each of my pieces is one of a kind which keeps things interesting for me!

Are you someone who generally tends to buy handmade over mass produced? Why?
I’m probably a 50/50 person to be honest. I shop a lot on etsy for supplies as well as cards and little stocking filler gifts, but I also do all my clothing shopping online so that takes up the other 50%! I buy the majority of my crafting supplies from etsy as I feel that supporting smaller sellers like myself is important.

Do you have any new items in the pipe works that you'd like to hint to us about?
I’ve always wanted to try making felt plushies so that might be something coming up from me…

Do you also sell online? 
Yes, I have a little Etsy shop.

Would you like for me to link to your store for those poor people not able to get into Blackbird?
People can also follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks of new items in the works: @thetinylittlegirl

Are you sick of answering these silly questions?

Blackbird Corner is proud to be the first bricks and mortar store who'll be stocking this delectable & unique range!
Naturally we'll be Newcastle's exclusive stockists!
In stock mid next week - depending on when Brian The Courier brings them to us!