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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

tiny and i

We'll be starting 2013 with quite a few new Indy Aussie makers' wares pouring in to stock throughout January. We shall, of course, be Newcastle's exclusive stockists of them.
First cab off the rank is tiny and i.

Who are you & why is your range called what it is called?
I am a Melbourne Mum who, desperate to wear jewellery that my little girls could fiddle with and not break designed a range of fun, fashionable suckable, chewable, tuggable necklaces that seem to be as big a hit with the non-Mummy crowd as with the Mums for whom I designed the product! "tiny" is my youngest daughter's nickname and "i"... that's me ;-) My "tiny" is also my (super cute) lab rat.  
Where are you located? Melbourne.
How long have you been creating your lush wares? While I spent much of 2012 designing and planning, tiny and i is a brand new shiny label - we have only been in stores since November!   
Do you currently have a favourite item in your range? 
Though I alternate necklaces on a daily basis, 
my current fave is the 'eden'.

What motivates you to keep crafting/creating?
I want to see women looking and feeling just as funky and fashionable with babies on their hips as they do on date night. 
Do you have any new items in the pipe works that you'd like to hint to us about?
There is at least one new style coming out in the first half of 2013. Think 'pasta' ;-)
Do you also sell online?
Yes! check out the entire range at
Would you like for me to link to your store for those poor people not able to get into Blackbird? Definitely!
Are you sick of answering these silly questions? 
No! Love feeling like a celeb ;-)

PS.Tiny and i necklace beads are made from 100% silicone, akin to pacifiers and bottle teats. Beads are non-toxic and comply with USA FDA and EU food-grade testing and USA toy standards. All beads arewashable and soft on baby’s gums.

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