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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Japanese Stationery....

Fresh arrivals in our little store this very weekend!!!
The back room is overflowing with Japanese Statonery!!!
So much colour!!!
So much CUTENESS!!!!
Babushka Packaging Tape!!! Babushka Sticky Tape!!!
Kawaii stickers & cute Japanese Erasers!!!
(Shown here with Catalina Estrada Pencil Cases - by Nookart.)

Notebooks & Stationery Sets & sweet little diaries......

So delightful - we want to keep all of them for ourselves!!!
Lucky for you our Mum raised us to SHARE!!!!

A quick catch up......and short lecture

Still obsessing about making cushions!
They keep selling as fast a I can make them -
so you guys must love cushions too!!!

Sean Prawn & I screened some more Blackbird Corner tote bags on Saturday as we keep on running out!!!
Remember they come free with purchases of $80.00 & over!!!
We have had an amazing start to the new Financial Year & are just feeling so blessed & grateful.
If you've been instore this past fortnight you may be curious about what the heck is going on with Nici's nose!
Sun Cancer treatment is the short answer.
Another four weeks of treatment to deal with yet!
Stay out of the sun people!
Keep your kids out of the sun too!
(That is when the worst damage is done - trust me!)
Lecture over. As you were.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Peppermint has arrived.

I just had to let it be known that Issue#3 of the delightful Quarterly PeppermintMag has arrived in our little store.
We are very thrilled to be new stockists of such an ethical & inspiring publication & we hope our lovely Customers appreciate it as much as we think they will.
This issue is overflowing with gorgeous pictures & articles about all kinds of crafty/creative folk.
It is almost overwhelming
- I cannot read it in one sitting -
it rattled me!
I think I have a crush on a magazine!!!
They describe themselves as "Australasia's first eco fashion mag"
It is printed in Australia using a waterless printing process on 100% recycled paper!
You can follow them on Twitter:
or check their site:

Monday, July 6, 2009

Photos by Freyja Moon...

Our niece Freyja Moon took some very lovely shots of the shop recently (just before I reorganised it on Thursday)
with her snazzy camera...
She snapped this shot from shop's entrance.
Notice we now have THREE stag head barometers!
The collection grows!

This is our "pet" owl - she lives on the counter & blinks at people..she is a bit of a flirt.

These are some of our LOMO range - and more temptations are
due to arrive this very week!!

Our very busy looking counter!!!

The beloved library drawers full of Anorak Designs Cards.Oh look it's Jenni leaning on the counter! How very unusual!! LOL!!

Oops there is a glimpse of Ms Moon taking a photo of entrance
to our back room!
Thanks for the lovely shots Frey!!!!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Saturday is for visiting.

Check out this awesome flyer @the_fetus drew. She's the most ... on Twitpic

On Saturday Sean Prawn, Freyja Moon & I dropped into Susy Pow's new Zine Store - Bird in the Hand Zine Distro.

This lovely mural was painted by Susy's very talented
Artist friend - The Fetus who also designed the above flyer.

The shop was magnificent & full of temptations................. these are just some of the lovely Zines/Books we bought.

(Freyja Moon has the other pile of inspiring zines we simply could not leave behind that day!)

Susy will also be running Zine-making workshops & classes on other very interesting subjects in the space eg BOOKBINDING workshop is coming very soon!

She still runs her online Zine distro for those of you who cannot make it into her lovely shop between

11 - 4 Thursdays - Saturdays at

100A King Street Newcastle NSW Australia.

Contact her for more information:




Friday, July 3, 2009

Susy Pow!

Well I guess this blackboard pretty much speaks for itself.
Susy Pow's Bird in the Hand Zine Distro Shop opened yesterday!!
We'll be going up to check it out tomorrow -
and we can hardly wait!!
She tells me that at the moment she stocks
120+ different zines!!
(How will I decide which ones I "need" to buy!!??)
There is always room for more too she tells me!!
Have you taken your creations up to show her yet or what??
Her space also offers her Customers the use/hire of printers; photocopier & typewriters - everything needed to make your
very own ZINE!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Our Third Birthday...

As I may have mentioned on myspace & twitter (just a few times haha) it was our 3rd Birthday today!

We used this Anniversary as a justification to do an order from Tastie Cupcakes.

(We discovered their yummy cakes at the Save the Loft Festival. They are a Newcastle Business owned by the lovely Simone - you know we love to BUY LOCAL!)

We ordered some Buttercream with pink icing (my favourites) + Black Forest Cakes + Peppermint Swirl with Dark Ganache and they were stupendous!!!

To top it off they were delivered right to our Shop!!!
We'll pop their site address here soon -it is being tweaked this week I'm told.
Anyway I wanted to thank many of you for your Birthday wishes via email, Twitter, Myspace, Facebook & texts!!
We had a great day and look forward to evolving & improving our little shop even further in the coming year!!
(Plus must try to concoct reasons to order more
Tastie Cupcakes. Hmmm...)