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Monday, December 28, 2009

Feeling the Love Part2

This year my Brother-in-Law also really proved how well he knows me! He lives on King Street in Newtown so gets to frequent cool shops anytime he likes. He gave us this spectacular set of Babushka Measuring Cups for Xmas!!
I promptly logged on to find an Australian distributor & ordered heaps for the Shop so you guys can have them in your kitchens too!
The RRP is just $24.95.
A bargain when you consider it is a set of three Babushkas which double as accurate measuring cups for cooking all those great recipes from your Martha Goes Green or Afternoon Tea Cook Books!!
Won't your kitchen look spiffy!
Especially if you have a hand printed BABUSHKA TEATOWEL by Anorak - which we've literally just finished reprinting today.
(Incidentally we've temporarily SOLD OUT of our Cook Books!)
The Babushkas should be here by Thursday & the Cook Books'll be back in stock hopefully by the end of next week!

Feeling the LOVE

So? How was your Xmas?
Ours was really lovely this year because we staggered it over Xmas & Boxing Day. This meant we didn't need to rush anywhere & could actually enjoy ourselves!

My Sean bought me the Scary Girl Graphic Novel by my beloved Nathan Jurevicius. A few years ago (when we lived near Outre Gallery in Melbourne) Sean bought me one of each of The Minitreehouse Figures by NJ and I've been infatuated ever since!
I found this website that has the Graphic Novel available to purchase online if you're interested!

(Don't tell Sean but I ordered 7 Peleda wind up Owls last night!
I simply had to!! I was um....hypnotised!!!)
We had promised to try to not buy into the whole Commercialisation of Xmas shenanigans but we set a limit of two small gifts each.
I think I got the better end of the stick!
I bought him a CD by The X X and a cool notepad from High Tea with Mrs Woo. I scored this book + Angie Hart's latest CD!

My gorgeous Sister-in-Law Nikki (Mother of my purrfect niece Annabelle Daysi) bought me these two exquisite Paper Cut Prints by USA artist Elsita. You can buy some for yourselves online at
I had not heard of her to be honest but am now considering ordering Alice in Wonderland & Pinnochio!

I really hope that your Xmas was as peaceful & enjoyable as ours.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Just passing by....

This is the grungy typewriter we got last weekend at the
Tender Centre - Hamilton North.
Sean & I've been so busy that we've taken to typing messages to each other on it.
It is currently on our kitchen table (waiting for a clean - obviously!)

.....oh & ahem this is from page 20 of the second issue of Australian Magazine SPOOK!
I must say that this issue is ten times better than the first -despite the first being really good!
We are proud stockists of it as I mentioned a couple of Blogs ago.
Pop in & flick through it & buy one if you agree with my impressions of it. It is only $7.95!
December has been remarkable thus far.
It has completely exceeded our expectations.
We just ran out of Frankie Calendars again but I have emailed the gorgeous & lovely Louise & Hayleigh so more should be in by Thursday- in plenty of time for Xmas!
We'll be screenprinting all day Monday to fill out the size ranges of Anorak Tees that are running out almost as fast as we print them!
Can you believe it is the 13th of December already???
Utter madness!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

worse things......


I've had a bad run of luck healthwise this year.

Vertigo was pretty awful.

Then treating the zillion Skin Cancers on my nose with toxic cream whilst the gobsmacked world politely looked on was no fun.

Thought I had it beaten. Pretty naive in hindsight.

Very recently I received a new diagnosis. I am a Collector/Hoarder by nature but I'd really prefer to stick to fabrics; books & pretty Kokeshi dolls. I never set out to intentionally collect a vast variety of Skin Cancers I assure you! But "Rudolph" was one of my Primary School nicknames if that helps explain why I'm stuck dealing with this in my 30's.

So it'll be off to the Posh Sydney Surgeon with a bag full of money for me on the 28th January for "Moh's Surgery" which is a pretty intense sounding experience for chicken old me!! I've been CRANKY since I got the biopsy results but don't ask me who/what with. I wish I had somewhere to point my CRANKINESS to be honest.

I know as my beloved & very much missed friend Stephen Noble used to say

- "worse things happen at sea."


(These pictures were stolen from my niece Freyja Moon's MySpace - I am sorry but I am unsure of the original Artist's details.) I don't usually put pics that aren't directly related to the shop on my Blog but these really struck a chord tonight.

Anyways the shop is going to plug on awkwardly, opening bizarre hours whilst I'm recuperating from my encounter with the Surgeon's knife. I apologise in advance for the sporadic hours we'll be keeping from the end of January till maybe the end of February. It'll be guilt trips & inappropriate feelings of obligation keeping us afloat. (Thankyou Sean, Jen & Lynda.)

We'll all be doing our very best to keep on swimming!

The thing that keeps me inspired & hopeful is the way Newcastle has really embraced our little shop. Have I told you lately how much I appreciate you? Well, I do.


Seasons Greetings!!!

This year I hope that Xmas is safe & peaceful for everyone.
We are going to have a quiet one at home with Family.
Blackbird Corner is enjoying a very rewarding December so far - so many people are choosing to buy Locally Handmade gifts this year that we are barely keeping up with production!
This is immensely satisfying.
Has the World's Economic Downturn perhaps caused people to reflect on where their money is being spent and slightly changed their spending habits? Buying quality unique handmade goods instead of quantities of massed produced, generic twaddle?
If so it was worth the initial stress I think!
What do you think? Have your behaviours changed?
I'd really like to know your opinions.
I sometimes wonder if anyone reads my Blog.
The counter indicates it is the case but noone writes comments!
Write comments & make Cranky Nici smile!


Issue#2 is on it's way people!!!

Spook magazine issue 2 from chase burns on Vimeo.

There are unconfirmed rumours that it may mention a certain Local Shop. Ahem. Time shall tell.