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Saturday, January 23, 2010


Just a quick reminder: We'll be closed Sunday 24th January through till Thursday 28th January inclusive. Then reopening with reduced hours for the rest of January & most of February. This is due to unavoidable medical reasons. Email/Message/Call our machine if you need us & we're not open! 02 4929 4350

wish me luck guys!!!


Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sneak Peek

This is a photo I quickly took of one of the FOUR teaspoon racks I recently acquired from Opshopping & The Tender Centre!
Am pretty sure that the collection will be adorning the Shop's walls after the "Great Reorganisation of 2010."
Will have to hang them high & out of the reach of potential "Souvenir Hunters" of course!!!!
It is a cruddy photo!
More of whole collection when I remember/find time.
I miss OpShopping! Never have time these days.
Was once my obsession.

We sell what we like!

Our range of Magazines just continues to expand!

NOTE: We only sell Magazines we enjoy & consider worth purchasing!

ANOTHER NOTE:Wooden Toy Quarterly should be back in stock by the first week of February too!!!

We have also increased the range of Magazines sourced from
our lovely supplier in San Francisco. We are trying to keep them as low in price as possible! The exchange rate is great at the moment but the courier costs are extraordinarily prohibitive!

But worth it - we hope you agree!

We've decided to start selling more "things we like" & are "into." Why? Because we can Damn it!

More cool things are on their way from San Francisco too - ready to be put into stock when we reorganise next weekend.
(Before I go to the "Big Smoke" for my surgery!)

Hope you like the new additions as much as we do!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A sporadic blog!

Hi strangers! Hope you are well!

Sean finally had the time to frame & hang our Mark Ryden Tree Show Postcards! They look so great! So I immediately did a new order from our supplier in San Francisco to ensure we didn't miss out on Ryden's latest set!

So...........Coming Soon!!!!

Snow Yak 17 Postcards for framing by Mark Ryden. The Australian RRP for the set is just $33. I simply cannot wait to find time to frame a set of these - just need to find the time to do it!!

Oh & um some wall space would be handy too!

And, while we were at it, we ordered some Mystery Box Toys called Wish Come True by Friends with You.
Their Aust RRP is $15 & you buy them blind - no not whilst intoxicated! You cannot open the box! It's like a lucky dip! Luckily each one of them is SCRUMPTIOUS!
By the way....sorry about the sporadic nature of my Blogging. It's just that I only blog when I have something to tell you AND the time to do it in!
As you may have noticed we'll be CLOSED Sunday January 24th to Thursday January 28th inclusive then open reduced hours for the following few weeks. This is due to my having Skin Cancer Surgery & needing to be housebound to recover afterwards.
Good news is I think they've caught it in time & the sooner it is removed - the better!
More good news? We're reorganing to squeeze more stock in whilst closed! By March we'll have a much much better LOMO Range for example. We'll be maintaining the current stock level of our own handmade designs whilst adding more unusual items from San Francisco that you don't usually tend to see in Newie!
So, as you can see, I'm pretty excited & enthusiastic about 2010.
Hope you'll stick with us through this slight hiccup guys.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Xmas keeps on giving.....

The Nathan Jurevicius "Peleda Owls" that I ordered from Scarytoys for a belated Chrissy present to ourselves arrived!!! They are even more gorgeous in real life!!

As you can see, they are WIND UP TOYS!
We LOVE wind up toys!!!
We are not going to be selling them at Blackbird but I just thought you might like to see them!
The frames we ordered for our Mark Ryden Tree Show Postcards arrived today so we'll be framing them tonight!
(We do sell them in our shop - and another range of Ryden Postcards are enroute to Blackbird from San Francisco as I type this-HURRAH!)
Our loungeroom is really starting to look like
Sean & Nici's Loungeroom finally!
(After 5 years+ of living here!)

Friday, January 1, 2010

Little Pat & Snow

Grace Hewitt is a very lovely young woman.
A lovely & talented young woman.
She is also very adventurous.
Grace has been a Customer of Blackbird Corner pretty much since we opened in 2006.
Since January 2008 she has also been a consigner & friend!
Grace handmakes unique felted birds, usually Australian birds & occasionally other animals.
She is on the other side of the world just at the moment, so decided to create some felt versions of classic British Birds!
And to then pop them in the post back to the Colonies!
Yay us!!!!
Here are some photos of them that we took earlier today.
Bear in mind that I want to keep all of these for my Self.
And that they are all priced at under$25!
They'll be on display/in stock as soon as I can figure out how to do so whilst keeping sticky fingers away from them!
They are decorative items not toys!! Snowy Owl.

Robin Redbreast.


Snow Bunting.

Blue Tit.
We miss you Grace. Especially on Sunday mornings.