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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Coming Soon.....

Issue 12 is due in Store this week!

Still just $10.
Is full to the brim with great stuff!

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our beloved Martha Goes Green cookbook
The particularly gorgeous cover is by
the very talented Natalie Jeffcott

Also coming very soon (from San Francisco)...
As many of these as we could lay our hands on
And a fair few of these. (Published by our fave Art Gallery folk Outre Gallery.)

We just keep finding more goodies to share with you guys!!!

But we PROMISE we'll ALWAYS maintain our focus on HANDMADE & LOCALLY MADE clothing & Accessories as our MAIN PRIORITY!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

No more heroes anymore....

Today we popped into the shop & put in the new Tees for men by Anorak.
They are called "No more heroes anymore..."
It's about how when we were kids we believed in Super Heroes that could swoop in & rescue us if we needed it. Sadly kids these days are so "savvy" they "know" it just simply isn't the case.
(Sean explains it better than I do as it is his "concept". LOL)
It is his first CMYK design.
He did each layer/colour at a time allowing for drying in between.
This means each tee is slightly different.
Technically each tee is a "one off" which is a bonus we think!

First Sean ordered a plaster cast of a human skull online. Then took a photo of it. Traced it & made it into a bitmap whatsit; then did his thing & made it into a silk screen & printed all the skulls! (I'm so up on the technical jargon!!)
Then he drew a super hero mask & made a second screen.

Printed the Cyan.

Then Magenta.

Lastly the yellow.

They look pretty darn spectacular I do believe!
He only did a small first run as it's always hard to predict if our Customers are gonna be on the same page as we are at any set time!
Luckily for us they/you usually are!!!
PS. Thanks again for being so patient while our hours were so reduced & a tad random. We're all back on board healthwise now so things should run smoothly again now!!!
Oh & I think it goes without saying that these, like all Anorak's designs, are COPYRIGHTED. Been seeing some pretty nasty plagiarism of fellow small time designers lately!! It is so NOT ON!!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

POW + Frankie!!!

Two of our favourite ummm things? People? Inspirations?
Combined for your reading pleasure!
Page 75 of the latest issue of our favourite magazine is the
It stars Susy Pow from Bird in The Hand Zine Shop!

Isn't the cover just stunning too!!!!
You can tell as soon as you spy the cover that this Issue is an absolute CRACKER!
Don't forget - FREE $2 ring from the drawers in the back room with any magazine you purchase from Blackbird Corner!
(Do ask/remind us as we can be rather vague!)

Friday, February 5, 2010

Bird in the Hand....

The very lovely Susy, from our second favourite Local Shop
-after Blackbird Corner of course- Bird in the Hand Zine Shop has just launched an exciting design competition for people aged under 25.
We'd be so chuffed if one of our Customers were to be one of the lucky five winners!
It is primarily a Newcastle focussed competition, and I do believe that Ms Pow is accepting entrants now!

"The design challenge for 2010 will be themed ‘Bird in the Hand’ and will see emerging designers and artists creating an image that will be screenprinted onto t-shirts, tote bags and postcards.
This is an exciting opportunity for emerging local artists to see their work printed on merchandise and their profile well-represented in local arts scene and media.
To obtain more information or for media enquiries, simply email with the subject as ‘Design Challenge’."

Word Doc Entry Form:

PDF Entry Form:

What are you waiting for?

Get to it!! Come on you creative, inspiring folk!


Monday, February 1, 2010

Refreshed & rejigged!

Thanks for your patience guys! You've been great!!
I'm still recuperating & housebound at the moment.
(Trust me - you so don't want to see me at the moment!)
Before I went to Sydney & had Surgery; Sean, Jen & I made time to "upgrade" our little shop! Many of you will have already seen the changes as we reopened Friday & had a BUSY couple of days!
Best January EVER - despite being barely open lately!
That's our new counter & on the left you see our new LOMO Shelf. It'll be full to overflowing in the first week of March!
(Thanks to my Dad for installing that shelf too!! xxx)

This is the view from the door looking into the shop! Finally you can see our Wallpaper Mural! Noone ever really saw it - though it's been there since we opened nearly four years ago!
(Sean's Mum Carole helped put that up! I was too nervous.)

The Anorak Tees have relocated & look great in their new possie!

We decided that our Cuckoo Clock Collection looks better in a cluster!! There is another one on the way too! I love collecting things...can you tell?

Very special thanks to Sean, Jen & Lynda for looking after a BORED Lounge trapped Nici too! xxx