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Friday, December 31, 2010

Blessed be.

Can't think of a resolution?
Click on any of the above Blackbird's resolutions and get taken to a clever auto generator, then take your choice like we did!
2010 has been overwhelming and amazing.
So much has happened this year....
Jen left town and, consequently, Blackbird's Saturdays.
(We miss you Jen.)
I finally got to leave my soul destroying "day job" to
focus on doing what I love!
The shop continued to evolve in more ways than I can mention here.
We gained several new gorgeous ranges including Songbird;
Little Shop of Handmade & Whiskers Lane.
We expanded our range of LOMO Cameras to a ridiculous level.
We finally "came out" about our idolisation of all things Frankie & built a shrine.
We continued to attract "our kind of people" as Customers which is immensely satisfying & rewarding. We really love that you know you're welcome to pop in for a chat anytime - we enjoy your company!
We are looking forward to another challenging and inspiring year!
There'll be more changes and new items and Handmade ranges in
stock very very soon too!
Here's to a happy and safe 2011.
PS. Thanks so much for your support. We appreciate you immensely.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Xmas everyone!!

It was certainly an early morning for us Blackbirds!
We were up, dressed & ready to hit the road by 6am.
Sheer insanity.
I'm not an early morning person I'm afraid.
The Xmas spirit kept me motivated though and, before I was properly awake, we were driving along some very windy roads to Dungog for a relaxing Family Xmas at my Sister's place.
(I should mention I was just a passenger! hee hee)
We were accompanied by a rather dense mist which added beauty (and even more fear of other drivers than usual) to our dawn journey.
See! I even think of you on Xmas Day!
It was a lovely laid back day spent with some of the people that I love most in the world.
Lovely gifts were exchanged and too much was eaten - no need for dinner tonight that's for sure.
I think that one of the reasons we had such a lovely, relaxing Xmas Day this year is that we've had such a lovely 2010 overall.
We really feel like our shop is finally evolving into the type of shop we want it to be. We have made such lovely friends through our little store since we opened in 2006, both face to face & online.
We're really looking forward to 2011.
We hope you are too.
PS We know Xmas can sometimes feel like a "drag" hanging with your Family for a WHOLE DAY. Instead of looking at it that way, try looking around at your perhaps mixed up/nuts Family and being grateful. You never know what is going to happen tomorrow.
Let's hope that it's something great.
Merry Xmas!
I must add that our special thoughts & prayers go out to Bec & Jayc from for their recent very sad loss.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Underneath the mistletoe last night....

We had the most loveliest of days in Blackbird today.
Starting to feel all Xmassy now!
The lovely Lindsey brought me in a Xmas cupcake!
It was delish too. I ate the cake & the very gorgeous Susy Pow popped in just in time to eat the sugary decorations.
She'd just been to the Post Office to send out a zillion orders from her online store .
(Hey you can't blame me for shamelessly plugging her store! That's what friends are for & zines are a great & unique Xmas gift idea!)
Sean & I headed to the bus stop in the rain.
A little overtired & damp after another intense day.
And our bus was the Newcastle Xmas Bus!
It was so cool! Everything adorned in tinsel.
Xmas carols were piped all through the bus & the decorations jingled as the bus drove along. I wasn't the only one taking photos either. All of the passengers were smiling and it just really was the loveliest way to travel home.
I feel all Xmassy now.
Time to pop Bing Crosby onto the iPod in the shop now methinks!
PS. Have you ever listened to the lyrics of Xmas Carols? "I saw Mummy kissing Santa Claus" or the miserable "no one ever notices the fairy on the Christmas tree"? They're quite manic!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

No self control

Yes yes I know!
We're overflowing & cannot fit anymore stock!
But it's a Flamingo!
A Flamingo that was stencilled onto coreflu and made free standing by Melbourne Artist Nicole Tattersal.
That's what sent me over the edge!
Her gorgeous print "My Five Friends" couldn't be ignored either and, once I saw her Mixed Sticker Packs (12 different images in each pack), I was smitten.
You won't see the Flamingo or print in store just yet.
There just simply is no room!
(And, ahem, they are "resting" in my house currently.)
But her sticker packs are in store right this second.
Just $4 they'll make a very classy addition to any Xmas gift/stocking!
If you cannot make it into Blackbird to check them out head over to her lovely Made It Store & peruse her wares online!
Or check out Nicole's Blog - just click on any of the photos.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Feeling the Lomo love

A very lovely Customer gave me this origami crane today.
We'd just received a Lomo Film Order by courier.
Karen from Lomo had generously sent me these cute badges which I promptly decided that this lovely Customer should have along with the Diana Classic Mini with Flash "Santa" (her equally lovely Mum) had just purchased.
Karen also sent me this rather cool keyring but that is headed Sean's way methinks!
Also a bag of Lomo shaped choccies.
They don't photograph well but do taste YUM!
Life is good. I hope you think so too.
PS. I'm here, in the store, on a Monday & it feels mighty peculiar.

Friday, December 10, 2010

I swear I did.

It is such a beautiful evening in Carrington.
Everything outside is covered in an orange/pink hue.
And so still. So peaceful.
Two weeks from now it will be Xmas Eve.
I wonder if there is a certain age where you stop feeling a little bit excited for Xmas? I still haven't reached it if there is.
I saw Santa when I was about seven.
He was flying his sleigh across the sky delivering gifts.
I was sitting on my top bunk in our caravan, eyes peeled, staring out the window while my family slept.
I saw him. I swear.

Just Like Heaven

This is for my Sister Jen.
I really miss her since she's moved to Dungog.
She used to live two blocks away.
Totally took that for granted.
My first New Years Resolution will be to stop taking things for granted & to be more grateful.
For everything.
Have you started making resolutions yet?


I think you'll understand.
I had to have this.
I was the only bidder for it. Most peculiar.
This is the reason I should stay off EBay.
How is your Friday treating you?
Mine has been a complete delight, full of lovely & interesting people.
PS Happy Birthday Dad. Sorry I couldn't sing you the song this year. The shop was full of Customers. xx

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Stick Figures

Dear Santa,
I really would like this print by James Jean but only if you have time. I already have several books about him as we sell them in my little shop.
I would be equally impressed if I were to find this lovely Jordan Crane print under the tree on Xmas morning! Blissful sigh.
If you happen to win the Lottery between today & the big day I'd very much like this too:
I have a little crush on Joe Sorren and am completely besotted by this piece.
Today we received a few copies of his book to sell in our little shop & I think I neeeeeeed one of them!
I am so envious of "those who can draw & paint & sculpt" as I am not one of them. I can barely draw stick figures.
This is why, over the years, we are selling more & more books/journals/postcards/etc by our favourite Artists you see.
So that I can at least be surrounded by their beauty.
Anyway, Santa I hope you read this in time!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

ho ho ho?

If you could choose any one item from Blackbird Corner for a Xmas pressie what would you choose?

Monday, December 6, 2010


We took a quick drive to Dungog & back this morning.
On the way home Sean kindly pulled over so I could take a snap of 'my church'.
Isn't it "quaint" and "rustic" and the like?
I really like looking at it. It makes me feel calm inside. Not for religious reasons I assure you - atheist through & through me.
There's just something hopeful about old, small churches.

Then we came home and screen printed some teatowels and paper & calico bags.
I'm about to commence heat setting the "Head in the Clouds" Teatowels as there are only 2 remaining in stock. Santa has been bulk purchasing Anorak Teatowels, I think Anorak items appeal to him because they're designed & printed here and only available in our little store.
That and they're all just gorgeous!
So we've had our half a day off & are now reinvigorated.
We'll be open every day until Xmas Eve now.
Yes yes - including Mondays!
11am - 3pm at the very least.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

No. I won't keep calm.

Someone please buy me this. hee hee hee
Olly Moss - you are a clever clogs.
Saw this on this morning and had to share.
Do those keep calm posters drive you all nuts too?
They're everywhere! Agh! Over exposure anyone?
PS I am seriously buying one of these - next time Sean isn't sitting beside me telling me to stop spending money like it's water. hee hee

Friday, December 3, 2010

the blues are still blue

"Opulence. I has it."
I love it cracks me up immensely.
We've been so very very busy this week that blogging completely slipped my mind, sorry.
Hope you've been keeping well.
We've cleaned, improved & painted our kitchen this week whilst simultaneously running our very busy store.

Just need to get new linoleum now. What are the odds of getting that measured/quoted/laid before Xmas do you reckon?
Methinks our house will be all snazzy before Xmas bar new lino.
The Animal Emergency Clinic that we took Sissy to last Saturday posted us a sympathy card. I received it today.
That was just ridiculously sweet of them.
More tears though. hee hee hee
Have met so many lovely people in the last few weeks that have mentioned they read this blog. Slightly freaks me out actually.
I so rarely get comments that I assumed only my Dad reads it.
Hi Dad. We fixed the gutter & the wall ourselves, thanks anyway.