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Sunday, January 30, 2011


When we arrived this morning we found a lovely surprise had been squeezed under the front door.
A last minute entry to the Coloursplash Competition.
It is from Zahra. I have shown more that one photo of it as it has so many different pages. I wonder if it will be the last entry?
The comp closes at 4pm tomorrow & may take a couple of days to judge. We are overwhelmed by the loveliness of the entries.
Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Young and Baroque time again!

It's that time again!
The Young and Baroque Artist Market is on again soon at ARThive Gallery!
BUT this time they're on an adventure, a quiet creepy adventure, with rabbits and bears and toads and every other little creature you can imagine...
This boutique market will be specifically tailored to a woodland setting and they are looking for stall holders to respond to this theme.
If you want to come down to the woods that day please send an email to by 21st February!
This is our very favourite Newcastle Market.
Maybe we shall see you there!
I'll post about when the actual Market is planned for (& remind you where it's at) when it's closer!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Eeeek even more entries!

From Shelly...crocheted duckies
From Elizabeth...(9 years old) a birdy collage

from Amanda....a lovely print
from Jacquie...a wooden sculpture
And from Mary (11 years old) ...a paper sculpture owl
I am so leaving town.
I simply cannot judge this competition.
It's nuts.
(NOTE:These are all copyrighted & remain the intellectual property of those clever folk who created them.)

la la la linoleum!

We've been busy doing up our little house for over a month (so far) and today the new linoleum gets put in our kitchen/bathroom!
I shall be humming this song all day!
Who knew that running a small business over the Silly Season AND beautifying your home at the same time would be so exhausting!?
Oh yes um pretty much everybody that we told of our plans.
You were right.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Giveaway drawing to an end - latest entries!

from Kelly...

from Karen...
And from Lily...
Here are the entries to the Coloursplash Competition we've received this week!
I wish we were incredibly wealthy so that we could give a prize to every entry! We're so pleased with both the quantity & quality of the entries. Remember it closes 4pm on the dot - Monday 31st January 2011 & we are CLOSED Mondays. So, if you still want to enter, we're open 11 - 5 Friday + 10 - 3 Saturday + 11 - 3 Sunday. Maybe pop in & hand deliver your submission! We'll also make sure to check the post Monday prior to judging.
It is going to be judged by Sean, Nici (that's me!) & Jen - the ruling will be final - and very bloody difficult!
Wish us luck!
(NOTE:These are all copyrighted & remain the intellectual property of those clever folk who created them.)

Racist Friend....The Specials

This is a classic from my youth. Showing my age here!
Lyrics that express my point of view simply & without any pussyfooting about.
Hope you feel the same way.

Figtree Community Garden Fundraiser!

The mural on the Figtree Community Garden's Chook pen wall!

Fig Tree Community Garden is located at the Wickham Croatian Sports Club. It is such an inspiring example of how people can work together towards a common goal. I feel glad inside every time we goes past it. We were recently approached by the lovely (very motivated) Siobhan Curran of the delightful Blog the novocastrian files to contribute to their upcoming Trivia Evening - Fundraiser.
We very happily contributed a copy of Martha Goes Green Vegetarian Cookbook & four packs of Alison's Soy Wax Melts.
If you want to support a very worthy cause too AND potentially win some great Raffle prizes contributed by lots of Local Newcastle stores call Trish on 0438 209 951 or email to book a seat or even better - a table for eight.
I nearly forgot to tell you the most important details:
25th February starts 6:30pm - 7:00pm(ish)
$20 a ticket
Also, there'll be 40 Figtree "Special" Pizzas cooked in their own woodfire oven available at just $15 each!

Our Australia Day....

Got up very early (to beat the horrid heat!) and screen printed Sean's drawing of a Ferris Wheel onto some raspberry cotton drill Alines for My Fascist Mother.... I'm really pleased with them!

Then I sat inside (in airconditioned comfort - sorry environment!) and hand embroidered different size & colour circles onto Wayward Girl dark green cotton drill ALines. As one does.
I like simplicity in a skirt. Fussy clothes have always annoyed me.
Hope you like these.
It's been a while between new ranges as we've been frantically doing up our house whilst recovering from the madness of Xmas.
We very much hope to be topping up the Anorak Tee stands with complete size ranges in his current designs AND adding his latest designs in the next few weeks.
Unfortunately we're waiting on our blank tee supplier to get supplies to us though. And, in turn, they're waiting on their stockists to send them their orders.
Ah well it'll happen when it's meant to happen!
Hope you had a lovely Australia Day.
PS More entries to the Coloursplash comp/giveaway have been received & will be popped up on the Blog tomorrow I think!
So flattering to have received so many gorgeous entries!

Friday, January 21, 2011

This week's entries!

From Sophie...

From Emma...
And the envelope Emma's arrived in...

From Shana (an uncropped photo taken at Blackbutt Reserve specially)...
And from Perry....
So. This is going to be a nightmare to judge.
The standard of entries is astounding.
It just goes to show that our little shop attracts very talented & interesting people. We're pretty chuffed.
You've still got time to enter guys!
PS We had a pretty horrid day yesterday as we discovered that some scoundrel had attempted to break in to our little store.
But the lovely Customers I had while we were reinforcing/repairing just made my day so much more than bearable and I slept like a log.
Thanks so much for your support!
We appreciate it immensely.
(NOTE:These are all copyrighted & remain the intellectual property of those clever folk who created them.)

Saturday, January 15, 2011

A little frivolity in bleak times

I know I've said this before, but our little shop attracts the very loveliest of humans. We have a lovely Customer called Charlie who bought her friend a Rolf Tee a while back. He wore it to the Sydney Opera House to see Rolf Harris in the flesh!
Rolf Harris then signed an actual Anorak Rolf Tee!!
Designed & printed by my Sean.
Charlie (as you can see) took lots of photos (as you would!) and then bothered to get copies printed for us!!
How bloody nice is that!?!
It's been a pretty intense week that's had me counting my blessings and thanking my lucky stars.
I just thought a quick Blog about something happy would fit the bill nicely. Hope you agree & forgive me my frivolity.
PS Have you entered our Lomo Chakra Coloursplash Giveaway yet?
If not, why not & what's your favourite colour?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

First week's entries!

From Jess....

From Kristie.....

From Bianca...

From Mariana....

I am so amazed, impressed and touched by the entries so far.
Have you sent your entry yet?
Don't forget! You could win the Lomo Chakra Coloursplash Camera!
Scroll through my older posts for the details!
So exciting that people have already entered - it is going to be so difficult to judge as the standard is so high!
(NOTE:These are all copyrighted & remain the intellectual property of those clever folk who created them.)

A trip to Pro Am with a pocket full of films

Taken using Sean's LCA.....

With our Diana Mini...

And with our disposable Coloursplash
(no longer available in Australia.)

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Doll Eyes Giveaway!

Our favourite Photographic Artist Doll Eyes is also having a GIVEAWAY this month!
Our lovely friend Shana is giving away 3 6x4 matted Faery Tale prints to three different people (that's one print for each winner) valued at $30 each for you to frame and hang on your wall. Personally I think that they're worth much more than $30 each!
You may recall these prints from a previous post that I did when she very generously gave me some of the series for my lucky home!
This giveaway is much simpler than ours too!
To enter please comment on her BLOG stating which of the 3 prints you would like to win and why? Competition closes the 5th of February and winner will be announced on the 10th of February.
(NOTE: These photos are copywrited & remain the property of the Artist.
Do not help yourself - cheers.)
How excitement!!!! I am not entering as that's be plain GREEDY!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Slowly trickling in!

"Martha Goes Green is an independently published vegetarian cookbook. It promotes conscious eating habits and includes vegan and gluten free recipes that everyone can use."
And it's still only $29.95.
We sold out of this TWICE before Xmas! It's finally back in store!

We've also been restocked with yummy Soy Wax Melts from
The shop smells delicious!!!
(And these are still just $6.00!)
We love parcels!!!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Latest arrivals.....

We're so happy to welcome Dorothy Bills to our little shop.
Dorothy Bills make cushions, quilts,and bags using vintage fabric's. The creator behind this lovely range is called Eleesa & she loves op-shopping and finding 'treasures'.
Eleesa is also a mum to three and a wife to one!
Frankly I don't know how she found the time but she's made us a handful of her lovely pouches to share with you!

We've also just received another lovely range of Roller Derby inspired hair accessories from our gorgeous friend Miss Kate!
We sold out of the Kate's Klipz range just before Xmas so we're very happy to have been restocked!

A huge order arrived from San Francisco yesterday & I spent all morning unpacking the parcels & pricing the stunning books & bits! Then I had to find space to squeeze them in!
As always the space miraculously appeared!

I did take more photos but they all came out hideously blurry!
I'll have to ask Sean to bring his camera in for me!
We received some new Mark Ryden & Banksy books and some lovely tarot by Pictoplasma. The new HiFructose is in & we also nabbed a couple of the James Jean Fables & the Shepard Fairey May Day books!
Oh the temptation!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

RIP Gerry Rafferty

Funny how, when you're a kid, you take most things for granted.
My Mum & Dad had mostly exquisite taste in music & were, in hindsight, pretty cool humans (just doing their best with what the universe threw at them.)
Hi Dad - I know you're reading this.
Gerry Rafferty passed away today.
I am saddened by this, and feeling nostalgic & a little bit old.
PS Yes Dad I realise that a) I'm not old & b) neither are you.

Monday, January 3, 2011

A splash of colour? Giveaway time!!

Giveaway Time!
The lovely LOMO Prize:

The Colorsplash Chakra is a special limited edition, customized by Staple Design with a rubberized surface and Staple’s signature pigeon graphics.Re-cast your world in a gorgeous riot of colour! Snap up 35mm photos with this unique-looking little fella, and paint your images with a splash of colour, day or night!

Its patented colorwheel system puts several tinted flash filters at your finger tips for instant selection; with an additional 9 filters included to exchange. Long exposure capability creates dreamy streaked backgrounds behind crisp, colour-flashed foregrounds.

Flash requires one AA battery, not included in giveaway.

Film type: 35mm - not included in giveaway.

Package Includes:

- Colorsplash Camera

- Colorsplash Chakras Book (384-page hardcover)

- 12 color gel filters

- Editorial booklet/poster

- Full documentation/manual

RRP $155.00


Any “follower” of our Blog OR Twitter OR “liker” on Facebook can enter once only. We will post this prize anywhere within Australia to the lucky winner. Giveaway closes 4pm on the dot - Monday 31st January 2011.

To be judged by Sean, Nici & Jen - the ruling will be final. We can’t enter - despite obviously wanting this camera for ourselves.

This is for fun - so have fun creating your entry -

and please don’t spend lots of money on it!

This camera is new in box. Look after it if you win it & you’ll LOVE it! (No refund/exchange/warranty as it’s FREE!)

How do I enter?

The theme is BIRD. Do with it what you will!

You can post your entry to us via snail mail (preferable! - include your return address!) OR comment on this Blog Entry with a written entry (make sure you pop your email address in the comment if using anonymous option which anyone can use - Blogger or not!) OR TWEET us a PHOTOGRAPH/PICTURE as a rather last resort if you must!

By entering you agree to allow us to publish said entry online to show everyone - or what's the point!?!

NOTE: PLEASE DO NOT ENTER on our Facebook page as is against the “rules” & so this’ll have to be deleted & will not be a valid entry! Sorry guys!!

Hope I've covered everything? Just ask me if I haven't!

Oh yes I know!

Why? To celebrate the beginning of 2011. To say thanks for all of your support & encouragement in 2010.

We appreciate you.


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