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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Too much information/self indulgence 101.

It's been a pretty intense week hasn't it.
Lots of sad things have happened, both overseas and here at home.(Rest in peace Margaret Olley - you absolutely legendary woman you.) It's really kind of made me want to hunker down and stay home.
So I pretty much have.
I've been "doing stuff" just indoors is all. I spent yesterday hand embroidering trios of flying ducks onto burgundy pin cord Alines for Wayward Girl whilst watching bad daytime telly. They're in stock now - no photos as they simply refused to be photographed. I'll be venturing back out into the world tomorrow - well...into our shop which is pretty homelike to me anyway.
I know I'm always saying it but we're blessed in our little Blackbird Universe.
Have you counted your blessings lately?
Maybe you should.

I made this mobile/dangly thingy out of

It casts the prettiest of silhouettes on our bedroom wall at night.

We ordered this Birch Tree fabric after Sophie from That Vintage told us about it & Jen from Hexsix and Songbird Designs sewed the curtain for me as I had no time! No time!
Yes, yes that's where two of the pouffes from Blackbird have disappeared to too!

Of course we have a cuckoo clock at home!!
And yes, yes there are two more Beci Orpin Mobiles - toothy ones this time. And that's a Beci Orpin Folk Bird Cushion hiding behind the stair rails. I'd LOVE a matching blue one! I admit it - I'm smitten with her style!
Hope I haven't bored you with my self indulgence.
PS Photos of shop things next time - promise!

Monday, July 18, 2011

That was the week that was.

Well then....
I had a rather intense end to the week last week - and blogging was the furthest thing from my mind. Somehow my Business Email Account was hacked into on Friday Morning.
I have literally no idea how they managed it, as I am the most paranoid person that I know when it comes to online security. I used to work for a large bank - in the internet banking department. I encountered a LOT of victims of phishing, hacking, viruses etc etc & thought I knew what to do to make sure I never fell victim to the same things. I don't open emails from people I don't know - let alone reply to or click on links in them. I don't open weird attachments or go to dodgy websites. I have a Mac laptop - known for being much more secure than PCs.
It is a mystery.
I did sign up to a very new social network page (that I shan't name here) mid last week....and granted it access to my Yahoo Account. Needless to say, as someone not entirely prone to blaming coincidence, I have since completely closed that profile after delinking any other accounts from it.
It was a very horrid, negative experience.
I was so amazed & touched by how many people that received the very obvious SPAM (apparently I was stuck in Aberdeen, Scotland after having robbed at gunpoint & needed money to get home to Australia...) in their inbox took the time to contact me. The shop phone & my mobile were ringing off the hook plus I had a huge amount of Facebook messages & comments + emails to my other email address.
I felt really looked after and cared for.
This really helped me deal with the anxiety & panic I was going through trying to sort out the security issues I had. From a negative situation I was able to take a really positive experience and feel grateful and loved. What a turnaround.
Anyways the pictures I'm sharing with you are of my plate collection that hangs above the sink in our new kitchen and the doily bunting I made months ago that Sean hung above our bed yesterday.
I'm so grateful for our new home and our lovely shop and the lovely people that I have in my life.

Monday, July 11, 2011

VIVA Handmade!

We're so excited to now be stocking VIVA Handmade iPad & iPhone cases! They're handmade by the lovely Leanne - a designer/maker currently based in Canberra. Leanne works mainly with vintage fabrics and makes a range of accessories & other things including these vintage wool iPhone and iPad sleeves. Some pieces from her range are also stocked at Shop Handmade in Canberra, and as of this week, at the scrumptious new handmade emporium - Cultiver in Qld. She grew up in Newcastle so she's a perfect fit for our little store!
Which one to choose??
We only have a few to start with, but they're all gorgeous!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

A little ray of sunshine

Popping fresh stock in to our little store always makes me feel a bit warm & fuzzy inside.
Today I had the pleasure of putting in some sweet "Little Folk" & "Vintage Rose" rings into stock.
These were created by the gorgeous Kathryn of Lilac & Snow who lives just a hop skip & a jump from Blackbird.
Aren't they scrumptious!?
So nostalgic.

Go to her page for clearer pictures!

I also had the delightful chance to pop in some freshly knit wares created by Stacey of Sheeps Clothing.
Perfect for the brisk weather Newcastle is having of late!

Some days I just have to pinch myself.
I love our little corner shop.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Any spare change?

You guys know I love Newcastle.
I'm just feeling a tad disillusioned today.
Newcastle City Council has been making more poor decisions about how to spend (our) money again. In their misguidedness they've decided not to contribute funds to our favourite annual festival:
We can all help in our own little way.
Even $10 would help.
That's about how much your fave magazine costs but you'll get a whole long weekend of inspiration and satisfaction that you've been a part of something truly magnificent.
We've just made a small donation.
Think it over?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

We've been busy!

Apologies for the sporadic nature of this Blog!
We've just spent the last two days completing Stocktake & also "spring cleaning" & rearranging our lovely wares!
Here are a few blurry photos of the changes.
Very happy with the outcome.
The back half of the shop is now full of Handmade-ness all gathered together & displayed (we think) in a more effective way.
Hope you like.