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Friday, April 27, 2012


I've been feeling a bit flat lately 
- I think it's seasonal.
Have you been feeling a tad blue too?
There's most definitely no tangible reason 
- that's for sure!
Every day I'm surrounded by sheer gorgeousness; I live in a lovely, light filled apartment on my favourite street with my beloved hubby & our adorable puppy.
Life is pretty damn fine.
Sorry - I don't mean to gloat.
But, I think, that we are all often much more inclined to air our complaints and gripes than openly celebrate our gratitude for the blessings in our life don't you?
I don't know if I've mentioned this before (See! Even I don't read this blog!) but I've a friend called Rebecca who has Gratitude Friday on her Facebook each and every Friday. That is such a brilliant and inspiring, positive idea don't you think?
I think we should all try to do that.

When we opened Blackbird Corner nearly six years ago, I never imagined that we'd be stocking the creations of so many wonderfully talented Independent Designers from allover Australia (and even New Zealand!) or that our own designs and creations would be so in demand that we'd need an extra day out of the shop to keep up! 
Thank heavens for our lovely Sarah helping out on Tuesdays this year!

The above are photos of just some of the scrumptious items that have arrived just in the last week!
How lucky am I!?
This week I've been French knitting (the good old-fashioned way - not with a new fangled machine whatsit) necklaces. Does anyone remember when I made these in, I think, our first year?
Anyways, making them was just the thing for 
Blue old me.
Curled up on the couch under my rug and Pepper Puppy "helping" me.
I also tried not to let it make me bluer that some misguided individuals decided to trash the granny square crochet bombing on the traffic lights pole outside our shop - then boast about it gleefully on their own blogs.
I have decided to pity them and get on with things.

I have stitched all of these granny squares together ready to start afresh when the motivation takes me. When I've got a bit of hope and positivity stored up I'll sew  them to the pole and just get on with it.
Just getting on with it is the best way that I know to drive away the blues. 
(After a bit of hibernation of course!)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Worse things happen at sea...

"Worse things happen at sea"© tees for Hims and Hers by Anorak.

"Worse things happen at sea"© hoodies for Hims and Hers by Anorak.
It took Sean weeks to draw this design. It's very intricate compared to other Tee designs he's done and I very much like it.
The bottom "I'm dreaming of better days" is from a Toy Dolls song.
(A band we liked "back in the day".)

"Worse things happen at sea"© hand embroidered Alines
by Wayward Girl.

These took me many days. And I did stop liking them briefly (once I'd done five I was over it!) but I'm loving them now they're done.
First I chalked the Anorak design elements onto the insides of the Alines. Then embroidered the waves...the squid...and,finally,the ship. "Worse things happen at sea" was the mantra of a very dear friend Stephen, who passed away a few years ago. We are constantly saying it and, each time, I think of him.
And that's a good feeling.
PS. I hope you like them too.