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Friday, June 29, 2012

Now we are six...

On Sunday Blackbird Corner is turning six!
We are very excited. Very.
We've grown and changed so much in these years and are heaps looking forward to evolving even further in the next six!
Our beautiful friend Shana from Doll Eyes came in before opening on Tuesday and took some lovely photographs of our little store for us to share with you.

We are so very blessed to be doing exactly what we enjoy doing, and getting to interact with the very kind of people we like whilst doing it.

Thank you so much for reading my little Blog and 
supporting our shop.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"I wish I had a little shop" - in stock now!

Who are you & why is your range called what it is called?
My name is Rosalie and my business is called I wish I had a little shop. The name comes from my imaginary (idealised) store. Whenever I see something lovely – an image, an object or textiles - I mutter to myself, “I wish I had a little shop so I could stock this and look at it all the time”. Of course, in my imaginary shop there is an endless budget and only the nicest of customers!

Where are you located?
Right now, I’m in the kitchen, but my business is in the lovely (if sometimes chilly) city of Hobart.

How long have you been creating your lush wares?
I’ve been making bead necklaces for about 8 months now. Before that I ran another craft based business for 3 years. But I’ve been making all my life. I’ve always been the crafty sort!

Do you currently have a favourite item in your range?
I’m always having new favourites. Each new combination I make is my favourite… until I make the next one!

What motivates you to keep crafting/creating?
I think it’s in my DNA. I was always making things when I was little and I’m so lucky that now I can make a living from it. At the moment I’m inspired by colour. The great thing about working with synthetic clays is that you can mix almost any colour you like. But, it’s all a matter of trial and error. Often you don’t end up with the colour you thought you would. Some of my favourite colours have been accidents.

Are you someone who generally tends to buy Handmade over mass produced? Why?
Yes, I buy handmade if I can. I appreciate how much work and love goes into handmade. Makers aren’t in it for the money, they do it for the love of making and I can identify with that. Also, it’s good to support one another. Each Christmas I try to only buy handmade. It’s not always easy, but you can do it, especially now with so many stores and online market places that support handmade.

Do you have any new items in the pipe works that you'd like to hint to us about?
There’s always some scheming going on in my mind, but nothing that I can reveal just yet…

Do you also sell online? 
Soon…stay tuned.
PS. Rosalie's beautiful range is available in store right now. We're proudly Newcastle's exclusive stockists (of course!) The biggest issue? Which to choose!

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

core - coming very soon!

Who are you & why is your range called what it is called?
Core Jewellery, and as the name suggests, I wanted Core to be about what is central and essential to me. My debut collection ‘Tribal Lore’ is based on the influence Native American design and artistry has had on my upbringing. From before I was born our family home was always filled with Navajo artifacts, and as a child I spent time travelling with my family in the U.S. amongst the Native American Indian reservations.

Where are you located?
On Queensland’s beautiful Sunshine Coast.

How long have you been creating your lush wares?
Core Jewellery is extremely fresh, less than 3 months old, but I have been immersed in the wonderful world of handmade via my other business, Little Muse, for over 14 months now.

Do you currently have a favourite item in your range?
Yes, my Little Big Bear necklace with organic yarn chevron stitched detail. This sweet grizzly cut out was the muse that inspired my journey into jewellery design.

What motivates you to keep crafting/creating?
I do what I love, so it requires little motivation. Being an artistic person, it is a necessity to create, (like breathing).

Are you someone who generally tends to buy Handmade over mass produced? Why?
I fell into the handmade world via Etsy and Madeit a number of years ago, and always try to buy quality handmade goods over mass-produced products. Of course I am no saint, but I often wonder what is the true cost of cheaply made mass-produced products imported from overseas?

Do you have any new items in the pipe works that you'd like to hint to us about? 
Sure *wink wink*. As mentioned earlier, Core is about the essential parts of my life, so you can expect to see collections soon based on my ancestry and my love of nature.

Do you also sell online?
     on madeit:
and through Facebook: and my bigcartel store:

Would you like for me to link to your store for those poor people not able to get into Blackbird?
Awww, yes please (so sweet of you).

Are you sick of answering these silly questions
No way!
We are very proud to be the first bricks and mortar stockists of CORE and, of course, we will be Newcastle's exclusive stockists.
These should be in store as of Thursday - as long as the Couriers behave!

Monday, June 11, 2012

International Yarn Bombing Day (Saturday 9th June 2012)

My wishes that the crochet fairies would magically decorate Darby Street overnight didn't come true. 
So, early Saturday morning, the second traffic pole just had to be prettied up! Much better than the raggy, terribly outdated Bill Posters glued to other poles in the surrounding areas don't you agree? I hope so.
I love watching people hug them/photograph them/talk about them when they're waiting for the green man.
PS. We will generally be happy to pop up posters (size A4 or smaller) on our "community wall" inside the front door and/or flyers into our flyer stand if you want to advertise your upcoming local event. Please don't be glueing them/sticky taping them all over our lovely street! Nobody ever returns to remove them once the event has occurred. So that makes them litterbugs in my cranky eyes. So there.

What did you do there?

Whilst winding up feeling pretty damn proud of our own shop and the great indy designers' wares that we stock (after finding very few temptations shopping wise on our trip) we did manage to stumble across a few areas of danger. 
(To my credit card I mean!)

My two favourites were "Subject to Change" which is under Flinders Street Station kind of. You go down the stair on Flinders Street to get there anyhow. We were there the year they opened and it's been 10 years and they're still going strong. Really friendly guy owns/runs it and he even remembered the conversation we'd had all those years ago! Sweet guy.
My very favourite was Cottage Industries on Gertrude Street.
It made up for the apparent Zombie Apocalypse that had occurred on poor old Brunswick Street in our absence. I've been reading the blog of Pen - the owner - for a few months now, so recognised the front window as we were strolling along. 
Very exciting!
Bought a few things in there that will end up being display items next time we evolve. Pop over to if you want a good read. One of my fave bloggers, Pen writes with complete honesty and openness - like a casual chat almost. 
It is refreshing in Blogger Land where things can get a bit too perky some days. 
Do you agree?

Light in Winter.

As mentioned in my previous post - we went to Melbourne last weekend AND felt completely safe strolling about the CBD at night.
Took these shots for you. I know right! 
Best not quit my day job just yet huh!
I long for a time where I feel as secure walking about in Newy at these times of night. It can happen - we just need those in charge to take a look at success stories like Melbourne and implement some change. CCTV, good lighting and an obvious Police presence would make a huge and immediate impact.
I'm 100% sure that parts of our home City are just as beautiful as Melbourne, and that I could photograph them in just as blurry a manner, should I feel safe to get out there and do so!

Small bars.


Meyers Place.
We went to Melbourne last weekend.
We used to live in Melbourne.
You probably knew that yeah?
Lots has changed there, but they still have an amazing amount of small bars in lane ways. And it still feels amazingly safe to stroll around the CBD at all hours. CCTV and great street lighting is everywhere without feeling Big Brother like. This is combined with an amazing and very apparent level of cooperation between small business owners and Melbourne City Council. 
At 5pm on the dot a council employee arrived to pop bollards in to close Meyers Place off to traffic.
It was like clockwork.
The small bars are cosy without feeling elitist, there's no Pokies in sight, and the atmosphere is that of having a quiet drink with mates whilst watching the day drift by.
We could've stayed for hours. Well, we did stay a while...

Loop. Meyers Place.
We're back in Newy now where we live in the (it's relative) CBD. 
Our city has a bit of an antisocial problem occurring here on the weekends currently. Maybe you've seen it on the news?
There are very few venues and all of them pretty big and impersonal. One week our local paper announced that the curfews they've imposed trying to resolve the issues simply haven't worked and the following week it was announced that the curfews are being brought forward. Um? Oh and our Council (in their infinite wisdom) voted against trialling CCTV here. Hmmmmm the less said regarding our current council the better but let's just say there's an election in September....
Anyways... (again!) myself and many others feel that if we had a few Small Bars in Newcastle that the atmosphere in our inner city of a weekend has the potential to really change for the better.
If you click on that link it'll take you to a page with more info about the proposal.
PS Note: I'm not personally involved in wanting to open a small bar. In fact I don't personally know most of the organisers of the group currently putting so much energy into this good cause.
Just an interested bystander, crossing her fingers.