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Monday, July 23, 2012

Making on a Monday

Today will pretty much be spent (in our pyjamas) making badge sets and printing tea towels for Sean's label Anorak Designs®. 
Oh and also printing calico bags for Blackbird Corner. And drinking hot cuppas and entertaining Miss Pepper Puppy.
These are the "chores" we enjoy the most and find immensely satisfying (especially when it's all done at day's end!)
I know, six years in, we could be having our packaging made elsewhere by someone else and delivered - all done and dusted.
But that would be so impersonal and defeat the point of all that we started Blackbird Corner for.
It's our little universe.
We like to fill it with our own creations.
And those of our friends and family.
Me so happy.
Anyways best get back to it!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Handmade is not a phase.

 My Poppet Viking softies.

 Pirdy enamel brooches.

 Retrofied tote bags.

Lilac and Snow Naturalist Earrings.

We've been Blackbird Corner for six years now.
In the 90's we were Spinster Wares.
In both instances we've made (and sold) a lot of our own stock. Handmade is not "a fad"; "a phase"; "trendy"; "the new black"; "so in right now because Frankie has gained popularity*" 
etc etc etc
Handmade is what my Grandmother did - and her Mother too. What my Mother did - and my Father when I think about it. What my Sister, my husband, my niece, my friends and I do and have always done.
Just before our Birthday I did a quick tally and realised that Blackbird Corner stocks the creations of over 50 independent designers/artists/publishers in our tiny shop and we're darn proud of it. It's a bit exciting actually!
At different times certain themes will go in and out of style  sure! But handmade is here to stay!
Hurrah for that!!!

 Blossom and Cat Earrings.
PS. *We love Frankie.