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Friday, August 24, 2012

Doctor's orders.

It's been a busy time at Blackbird Corner of late.
Preparing for the Darby Street Twilight Bohemia Festival -twice- as it was postponed a fortnight ago due to intense weather. 
We really wanted to be a part of it this year but felt that opening our shop for it was not on the cards. The lovely event coordinator James (after visualising our shop with more than a dozen Customers in it at once) wholeheartedly agreed and thus we are holding our first ever Market stall. 
Thank heavens that we have such lovely friends who are experienced in having Market stalls! 
Sarah (you know Tuesday Sarah! From Arthive!) and Shana (from Doll Eyes) and Kathryn (Lilac & Snow) are all joining forces with my novice self to have 3 or 4 trestle tables full of handmade goodies and bargains.
To be 100% I'll be thrilled when it's over but am really hoping it'll be a successful day for everyone.

So I did a nice, full window display for the day. 

Among many beautiful wares in the window I simply had to feature the new issue of WRAP plus some amazing Emma Makes pencils.

And, wearing our hearts on our sleeves as always, the side window is dedicated to 
The Newcastle City Council elections are a fortnight away.
The Greens are not as well funded as some of the rather right wing (or, as I describe them, terrifying) candidates who have flashy trucks with signage on them being driven around our town.
I'm trying to remain hopeful that these men aren't successful in buying this election. I've only had positive feedback for expressing our opinions so openly. My theory is that it's my window & you guys all know how opinionated we are already!

Anyways,just thought I'd pop by for the three of you who actually read this blog hee hee hee. I'm meant to be "taking it easy" and 
"de-stressing". I've not been feeling well for the last few months and finally went to see my GP last week to try to find out why! I hadn't been to the Doctor since I quit my horrid day job two years ago yesterday. (YAY! An Anniversary well worth celebrating!) I had a huge range of blood & other tests and no cause was found. So....either I'm nuts (quite possible! But Doctor didn't seem inclined to believe so...) or it's just from the stress of owning & running a small business for 6 years now with only two or three small breaks - generally shop related "breaks" that is what the Doctor believes
I am SO not complaining I promise. 
I love my life. 
I am so lucky.
I am, admittedly tired.
So. Stay tuned I guess. 
If I can twist Sean's arm we MAY just close for a few days and run away somewhere. 
And sleep.
PS. EEEEEEEEK the idea of having a stall tomorrow is freaking me out completely! Gulp.   

Monday, August 6, 2012

Birthday spoils

From my beloved - A Dan Phelan piece from RAD Store.

From my beautiful Sister - A Linogirl print.

From dear friend Helen (of Blossom & Cat) a small, coincidentally complementary Linogirl print!

From lovely Sarah - a surprise cupcake from Cupcake Espresso 

and a Birthday card made from one of her divine artworks!!

And from my Self? 
Two Kearnsie brooches from Little Shop Of... 
I have had the nicest of Birthdays.
I have the most beautiful husband, Family and Friends.
I am so grateful.
So lucky.
So happy.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

That was the week that was!

Hello, I have not been in Blogland much of late.
There is a reason!
We've been spending so much time squeezing freshly 
made goodies in!
We LOVE our suppliers!
Every single one of them is just so lovely & friendly & talented & devoted &&&& perfect!
We love being Newcastle's exclusive stockists of so many talented Australian Independent Designers & Crafters!

 We are besotted with Pannikin!

Cherishing Kitty Robot.

 Adoring Retrofied.
 Smitten by That Vintage. 

And enchanted by Jubly Umph!

And there was more but you'll simply have to pop in one day soon and see for yourselves! But don't do it Monday as we're always closed Mondays to sew/print/make and not this Tuesday coming as we're closed for a little reorganisation time!