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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Well, it's that time of year again!
The time of year where independent small business owners try to not have complete breakdowns....hee hee well not really!
How much to order?
Will I have enough stock? 
Will I run out mid-December & have empty shelves?  
Or - worse still - order too much and not sell any of it? eeeeeeeeek!
Add in the fact that we predominately sell handmade - Have we made enough? There's no time to make more once the silly season gets into full swing that's for sure! We also can't email all of the lovely indy designers whose wares we stock & simply demand more instantly - many items take weeks to make then come...
So I guess, at Blackbird Corner especially at this time of year,  if you see something you want it's best to grab it because it may not be there next time. So much in here is limited run or one of a kind. I think that'd have to be the most common complaint (if you can call it that)
"oh no you've sold it!"
Fingers crossed I say!
PS We are open every day until Christmas now, including Mondays 11am - 4pm (at least) & until 6pm Thursdays. 
PPS Darby Street is full of gorgeous, independently owned shops that stock a huge array of items suitable for Christmas gifts for everyone on your list. Seriously, you could start at one end and by the other end be throwing out the completed list.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nordic Lights

The latest issue of Sean's favourite Magazine has arrived! WRAP is a Design and Illustration Magazine that profiles amazingly talented people AND includes 5 tear out sheets of gift wrap by those Artisans. Swoonworthy!
A lot of Customers buy a copy to use the pull out wrap as posters to hang rather than to wrap gifts.
It's that divine.
AUD$20 - in stock now.

oooooh more goodness from frankie!

Need to pretty up some pressies or just introduce more papery goodness into your life? 
The frankie gift paper book contains 10 sheets of unique ‘50s inspired designs printed on high-quality perforated paper ready for you to rip, fold, stick, craft and tape to your heart’s content. beautifully bound in a special protective cover, it’s a must for vintage lovers, paper aficionados and givers of awesome presents. 
gift paper size is: 540mm x 820mm folded to 205mm x 270mm
just $24.95
Coming very very soon!!!
excited muchly?

Friday, November 2, 2012

Doll Eyes

Sorry it's been a while!
Things have been rather busy at Blackbird Corner since we rearranged everything. And life keeps throwing us curve balls which also takes up time.
You know?
Of course you know.
Anyways, I am just popping by to boast about what clever, talented people we are friends with. It's important to share the achievements of those you love, rather than only things you do personally. Don't you think?
Our dear friend Shana (or Doll Eyes as you may know her from when I've boasted about knowing her in the past) is having an exhibition at The Tower Cinema Gallery on King Street, Newcastle. It runs the whole of November and is rather spectacular.
We popped in earlier this week and took some sneaky (my excuse for their blurriness) instagram shots of the photos all installed & snazzy looking. I was/am so excited for her!
You MUST pop in and see these for yourselves and maybe even consider purchasing your favourite - if you can pick a favourite!

Because my photography skills are beyond crapola (especially when compared to hers) I asked Shana if I could please include reproductions of two of the images in the exhibition here so that you don't get the wrong idea about her talent! 
Pretty please do not reproduce these lovely images without contacting her for permission first. 

The above is from a collaboration between the lovely Sarah Louisa from Chop Shop (who created the amazing large scale dioramas) and Doll Eyes (photography.) Makeup done by the talented LR Artistry. And the below is previously from the A Vintage Dream exhibition held at Arthive (the gallery that our very own "Tuesday Sarah" runs with her talented artist partner Grant Hunter.)

Shana absolutely adores Silent Film and is involved in helping to promote the Australian Silent Film Festival which is coming to the Tower Cinemas on Saturday November 10th, 2012. 
Click on the link to find out more information about that! Including how to book tickets.
I'm so blessed to know such talented & motivated people.
Speak to you soon.